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MetroVal is a calibration and metrology evaluation program. It includes extended functionality of both the Evaluator and Predictor when doing its real time uncertainty calculations and standard instrument prediction. Automatic calibrations are using VISA DLL to control instruments. VISA DLL may be obtained from other vendors in many cases for free.

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MetroVal is an easy automatic or manual calibration program and metrology analysis tool. For uncertainty, prediction and interval analysis it uses extended functionality of the Evaluator and Predictor programs as integrated modules. For more information, check the attached pdf presentation.
MetroVal is used by Metrology labs to calibrate or prepare uncertainty budgets and calibration procedures from one central point. The Calibration procedure looks like a simple table. It can be edited manually or generated automatically and linked to the associated uncertainty budget tables. This approach enables non-programmers to prepare calibration procedures and review them in a glance.

For automated calibrations a subroutine sequencer is used. For automated calibration VISA drivers should be installed. If VISA is not installed, only manual calibrations are possible. Newton Metrology Ltd is not licensing or distributing VISA. Contact companies such as KeySight Technologies to obtain VISA drivers. VISA allows for calibrations using communication with instruments by IEEE488, USB, LAN and RS232 and other communication protocols.


The procedure

When calibrating, the procedure table is read line by line and the instructions tell which subroutines (in the Sequencer/Control) to run, which data to use, which methods to use to compute the uncertainties, how to predict standard devices drifts and how to generate the calibration report. A calibration template is generated as an intermediate step that facilitates overview and debugging  of the measured data and report.

Above is an example of calibration procedure. The procedure includes links to subroutines (prefixed by &) which execute by the sequencer (in the control menu). The user may define in the Filter menu which points to calibrate in a specific calibration.

The uncertainty module can estimate measurement uncertainties per ISO GUM or by Monte-Carlo simulation directly from the measurement equation. The Prediction module can estimate present values and uncertainties of measurement standards from their past calibrations.
Being linked to past calibrations data, the program can estimate and use drifts (over time or over number of uses) as uncertainty components in the uncertainty budgets. This has the advantage of having the measurement standards uncertainties and deviations updated and used in real time.

The calibration points and uncertainties can be complex numbers.

A calibration report editor is used to generate reports that complies with accreditation requirements. The certificate cover page may also be prepared but in many cases is issued by the user’s database in which standards and customer info us saved.


More capabilities

MetroVal Complies with ISO/IEC 17025, the GUM (with supplements 1 and 2) and ILAC G8 (2009 or 2019) document for compliance with specifications. This includes PFA (as in Z540.3 and other) or Guard Bands. Predictions comply with ILAC G24 / OIML D 10 method 5.

MetroVal can run using information in an INI file and structured text file. It is possible to run MetroVal from another program using the INI file name as parameter. Check the free program MetroVal Command Line.
MetroVal can provide services using COM. Download the free program MetroVal COM Tester and see the help and the examples.

For more info please download the pdf presentation and get hands on experience free for 30 days. Each module comes with its own help file.



Calibration and configuration instructions can be textual or graphical as shown above (the graphic show the MetroVal block diagram)

When manual readings are required, measured data input allows for easy entry of correlated measurements using several input methods.




Download MetroVal version 5.0.1
No returns after purchase of software activation code

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