Off-The-Shelf Metrology 4 computer softwares
For MS Windows, for calibration, analysis and learning metrology

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MetroVal version 5.0.1

Calibration plus many other features, save on automation

MetroVal is a calibration and metrology evaluation program. It includes extended functionality of both the Evaluator and Predictor when doing its real time uncertainty calculations and standard instrument prediction. Automatic calibrations are using VISA DLL to control instruments. VISA DLL may be obtained from other vendors in many cases for free.

Explore and download MetroVal version 5.0.1

Predictor version 3.0

Interval and prediction

Prediction of Measurement Reference Instruments (to use their drifted values) and re-calibration interval estimation for saving on too many calibrations.

Explore and download Predictor version 3.0

MetroCom version 3.2

Provides services to other programs

A DLL based on some capabilities of the MetroVal program Intended to Provide Services to your software by using COM Technology

Explore and download MetroCom version 3.2

Evaluator version 3.0

Uncertainty estimation

Measurement Uncertainty (GUM and Monte-Carlo) Estimation Software

Explore and download Evaluator version 3.0

Free Units-Converter

also included in MetroVal

Version 3.08

Version 1.1

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