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About Newton Metrology Ltd

Newton Metrology Ltd is a Consulting and Software provider since 1990.

The programs available here are written for metrology (calibration and testing) for use by laboratories accredited per ISO/IEC 17025. We are consulting how to optimally use the programs within the scope of accreditation.

This site is hosting only of-the-shelf general purpose metrology programs suitable for accredited laboratories. The reason for this is that of-the-shelf software does not have to be validated by the user accredited for ISO/ICE 17025, he must only validate the procedures and files the lab prepares that will run on these programs.

If you wonder what it is all about...

Metrology is the science and art of measurement. Measurement is extracting information from nature or from devices people have engineered. It is also about the uncertainty in the extracted data, communicating it to other people in a standard way, and making them confident in our measurements by establishing traceable measurement systems.

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