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Tools for Metrology  - COM DLL for metrology analysis
    The MetroCom DLL
version 3.2,  1.9 MB zipped
The MetroCom COM Dynamic Link Library is used by programs such as calibration management programs that seek external analyses tool to extend or acquire their metrological functions. 

The library uses much of the Evaluator and Predictor functionality to deliver its services. 

The client program sends a tab delimited or XML text and receives the required results in the same format. For example, the input data could be a measurement equation, the uncertainty budget and the required confidence probability. The output is the standard and expanded uncertainties, coverage factor, degrees of freedom and the calibration result.

Uncertainty estimation and prediction of measurement standards' parameters are among the services commonly delivered during calibration. It can also be used for recalibration interval estimations and much more.

The COM interface is dispinterface, the simplest standard interface.

The package comes with a small program called MetroComTester.  It demonstrates how to communicate with the DLL. It can run some calculations examples and register the COM type library and the DLL.

The full functionality requires to purchase the activation code.

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