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Tools for Metrology  - Measurement Uncertainty
    The Evaluator
(version 3.0,  1.1 MB zipped)
Measurement uncertainty is easily calculated using the Evaluator software tool. 

The Evaluator can calculate uncertainties using several approaches. It can use an extended GUM approach (with correlations) or a Monte-Carlo simulation of the GUM approximation. In addition, the Evaluator facilitates calculating uncertainties directly from the measuring equation, saving the need to calculate derivatives (the c-sensitivities). 

Alternatively, the c-sensitivities can be calculated  from the measurement equation and then automatically used in a GUM calculation.

Using the Monte-Carlo simulations results in more precise calculations, sometimes showing differences of more than 30% compared to the GUM results. 

All methods can use complex number uncertainties.

These features make the Evaluator the most comprehensive commercial program for uncertainty estimations.

Uncertainty spreadsheet and measurement equation editor
As a unique tool for metrology, the Evaluator is equipped with additional power. It can do statistics, fit data, plot graphs, solve equations, run script files, do freehand calculations on a text editor, and much more.
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